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Tool Tip of Folder incorrect

Submitted by fresh92.7 on June 9, 2008 to Bug

The Tool Tip when you hover over a folder, displays the current folder name, not the subfolder names



Not fixed


This submission [Glow around window titles is inconsistent with other design elements] has been marked a duplicate of

Glow around inactive window title bar makes text unreadable

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Glow around window titles is inconsistent with other design elements

Submitted by mVPstar on June 8, 2008 to Aesthetics

It looks as if someone took an airbrush in photoshop and painted around the title. When you have flairs, reflections, airbrushed effect seems kind of random.

Also, as you see in the screenshot, the glow isn't evenly (more...)

Even out the glow or find a better way of highlighting the title. Maybe just extend the glow all the way across the title bar?

Just make it look more professional.



Not fixed


-14 +10/-24 votes

Can The Digital Locker Do More? Does Windows Update Work as Speedily as Possible?

Submitted by on June 7, 2008 to Annoyance, Usability

I am a Microsoft Connect user and I have found that the FTM File Tranfer Manager is extremely fast at downloading files-so much so that I feel it is quicker than the Digital Locker built into Windows. Could the Digital Locker be "Supercharged" (more...)

Could the Digital Locker be "Supercharged" To be faster? Could the technology and download speed of the Microsoft Connect FTM speed up Windows Update? I guess I am a philosopher with many questions and no answers-but just some thoughts. Thank (more...)



Not fixed

-14 +19/-33 votes

Virtual desktops

Submitted by sergeev0 on June 3, 2008 to Usability

Where are they? They are very useful sometimes.

Eventually make built-in manager of virtual desktops.



Not fixed


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